Why your company needs a SAP Authorization Process Manager

Many companies make use of SAP as their business software, but sometimes it can be a necessity with an add on. The software handles a lot of sensitive information such as User IDs and Passwords, when dealing with authorization. Important data is at stake, which is why it is crucial that no mistakes are made in the authorization process.

What is a SAP Authorization Process Manager?

If you choose to install a process manager for SAP authorization for your business, you will optimize your SAP projects. The authorization process manager is a compliance product that will provide you with many benefits. Helpful features include total control over SAP authorizations and testing processes. Furthermore, the process manager provides user-friendly authorization of your SAP authorization transactions. The process of test runs will run more efficiently, without challenges of errors, retesting and postponements. Additionally, this add on will reduce the costs of testing which is a feature most companies would greatly appreciate.

Why do I need it?

If your company makes use of SAP authorization, you may have encountered time-wasting errors and postponements when testing and handling authorizations. The reduces the company productivity and efficiency which will result in the loss of valuable time and money. It is also a loss in credibility and transparency, when the software acts out. Using this compliance management add on will provide your company with total authorization control. It is a solution with great benefits, which will make your company authorization processes run more smoothly.

It increases the professionality and productivity, as the errors are eradicated for good. SAP security is such a significant process for a company, where errors can be devastating. They will result in exceeded deadlines, frustrations and a waste of resources. For authorization objects in SAP, the authorization process manager is a time-saving creation process where roles and transaction codes will be verified to work and support your business processes. Testing many transaction codes will cause authorization errors that need to be processed. With the authorization process manager, these problems will be eliminated as soon as they appear.

If in doubt of how this all will work for your company, contact the compliance company for useful solutions. The compliance company may even offer technical training when the SAP Authorization Manager is implemented in your company software. Enjoy full control over your SAP authorizations and testing processes.


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